6 programming language ​​that every developer should know

Programming language
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We see it day by day, the super-specialized developer in a single programming language is no longer so relevant to companies. Now they are looking for white blackbirds: those developers capable of handling various languages. That is why we have prepared this list for you with the programming language ​​that every developer should know. Not all of them are, but we assure you that those present here are the ones that are most in-demand by companies.

1.- JavaScript

JavaScript is a front-end development language characterized by its compatibility with all browsers. Being object-oriented, it is normally used to create dynamic websites or in the development of games and applications. If there is a pop-up or some effect on the web, surely use this language. As practically all websites add JS to improve the user experience, the demand for developers with knowledge of this language continues to grow.

2.- Java

With 20 years already behind him, this language – one of the most used – retains its validity. Being the language used to develop native Android applications, it is clear that it is essential. But in addition, Hadoop, based on Java, is one of the most popular frameworks for storing and processing large amounts of data, so the knowledge of Java, if you are interested in the world of Big Data, is an added value.

3.- Python

The most popular language of the moment and with an ever-increasing rate of growth – it has recently replaced Java as the second most popular language on GitHub. Its syntax, dynamic typing, and the fact that it is interpreted in nature make it ideal for application development, but it is also used for data analytics and bioinformatics. Google, Dropbox, Pinterest or Instagram are some of the sites that have been or were built with this language.

4.- PHP

We could almost say that it is the king of the web, as it is one of the most used languages ​​in the creation of websites written with HTML. WordPress, Facebook or Yahoo has been built with this language.

5.- C

Its complexity makes it not a language for beginners, but the fact that it has influenced numerous other languages ​​makes it a language to learn throughout your career as a developer. Based on C we find C ++, used to develop games and desktop, mobile and web applications and Objective-C / Swift for everything that has to do with the iOS environment.

6.- Ruby

One of the fastest-growing languages ​​in recent years thanks its simplicity, power and productivity and surely also because it promises happiness and fun to developers. Not bad, right? Used mainly for back-end development, sites like Airbnb have been built with this language thanks to the Ruby on Rails framework.

And a couple of extras

Some of you will think that a list of 6 falls short and you will miss languages ​​such as Angular JS, Typescript, Go or Shell, among others, and that is why we wanted to complete it with two extras programming language:

SQL, although some do not consider it a language itself because its main use is the construction of databases, the truth is that SQL is still essential and one of the most demanded in job offers. The prevalence of IoT and Big Data in the near future suggests that SQL will have a long life.

C # also known as C Sharp. Obligatory knowledge for anyone who wants to devote himself to development with Microsoft’s .NET framework and one of the most demanded both in architecture, analysis and programming.

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