Google Chrome 91 allows you to paste files as an attachment

Google chrome 91

Google revealed some new developments that will accompany the Chrome 91. Last week, the company released the beta of the new version with a feature capable of pasting files as an attachment in emails, only with keyboard shortcuts. The other news is due to changes in form controls on Android and more.

The trial version of the browser reaches users shortly after the launch of Google Chrome 90. The highlight of the Chrome 91 Beta is the tool that gives one more option to include files in emails, an alternative to the feature that allows you to drag them to the composition area. To do this, just copy and paste into the browser.

To use it, the tool needs to be activated in chrome: // flags, where it is available under the name “Clipboard filenames”. After enabling, the user only needs to copy one file and then paste it into an email composition box. The process can be performed with keyboard shortcuts, such as the famous CTRL + C and CTRL + V.

On Android, some elements received changes in the look. The new beta for Google Chrome 91 brings a new interface to form controls to make them more accessible. The change, the result of a partnership between Google and Microsoft, also guarantees support for a dark mode to resources.

Chrome 91 email
Google and Microsoft prepare new form controls for Chrome and Edge: before and after (Image: Reproduction / Microsoft)

When does Google Chrome 91 arrive?

The new test version of the browser brings further improvements to users and developers. The news, however, is only available in Google Chrome 91 Beta, released on Thursday (22) for Android, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. The final version, in turn, is expected to reach users in the coming weeks.

Recently, Google released the stable version of Chrome 90 with a tool that allows you to send a highlighted text on web pages.

Source; Android Police

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