Chrome 91 consumes less battery and improves button design

Chrome 91
Credit; Google

The new Chrome 91 beta is available now, and it brings some welcome changes. It notably brings changes to the design of buttons and forms but also improves the autonomy of your smartphone.

Google rolled out Chrome 90 earlier this month, and the US giant is now tackling Chrome 91, whose beta is already available on mobile. When browsing the internet from your Android smartphone, you must have noticed that some websites use HTML buttons, forms, and checkboxes, and this is precisely what has been changed by Google. Indeed, these are now more modern and interfere better with web pages.

The American giant had already redesigned these elements on the PC version of Chrome, and the new design will be available on the Chrome 91 version once it is rolled out to all users. On Windows 10, Chrome 91 has also improved the copy and paste of files and the design of forms.


One of the main criticisms that Internet users make about Chrome is probably its high energy consumption. Google intends to correct this problem with Chrome 91 since sites can now recommend that your browser slow down certain processes that are not essential to your experience. If you accept, your browsing might turn out to be less fluid, but Chrome would then become less energy-intensive.

Other welcome changes include that text search on websites now allows you to find text that is not directly displayed. Therefore, it will be possible to search for text in drop-down menus on some web pages such as FAQs.

Chrome 91 also makes changes to the WebOTP API. This allows websites to obtain one-time passwords sent by SMS. Google will now allow some sites to read the content of these posts directly, so you don’t have to copy the code yourself. Finally, Google has improved the Gravity Sensor API, which will allow developers to make their motion-based games or web applications more accurate.

Source: Android Police

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