Xiaomi smartphones will be charged by air

Xiaomi has shown the world a new device that can charge your smartphone through the air without any contact. 


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Wireless recharging gadgets with mats and docking stations have not yet become a daily occurrence for many users around the world, and the Chinese company Xiaomi has already gone even further. There was an announcement of the technology Mi Air Charge, which will allow to carry out not only wireless but also contactless charging smartphones.

According to the vendor’s official blog, the new technology, which is called “revolutionary” and “breakthrough,” allows you to recharge several gadgets within the range of a special device that looks like a small box. This device “hands out” recharging at some distance – the exact figure Xiaomi does not disclose yet.

A person will be able to charge the smartphone, being at any point in the room, which has a Mi Air Charge, which allows you to talk about the 2-3-meter range of the device.

The recharging power will be 5 watts. According to the manufacturer, items in the path of the Mi Air Charge signal will not affect its quality. Inside the device there are many sensors – 5 phase antennas determine the location of the compatible device in the room, and 144 antennas transmit waves, which are subsequently converted into electricity and charge the smartphone.

Xiaomi claims that the technology presented by the company is “not science fiction” but a reality that will soon be able to make homes and apartments “truly wireless”.

It is expected that Mi Air Charge in the future will be able to recharge not only smartphones but also smart watches, speakers, and other “smart” devices that will support this technology. A company spokesperson told The Verge that no new commercial device, scheduled for release in 2021, will yet include Mi Air Charge. At the same time, he refused to give a forecast regarding the technology’s entry into the mass market.

Meanwhile, some specialized Internet portals have already expressed their skepticism about the development of Xiaomi. The Next Web reminds us that Apple introduced the concept of the AirPower mat, which allows you to charge three devices at once, back in 2017, but was not able to establish production because of problems in the implementation of this idea in practice. Besides, the web resource rightly raises questions about support for different brands of smartphones, high energy consumption, and the potential incompatibility of such a device with medical implants, such as pacemakers.

“While the Xiaomi device looks great on paper, we can’t assess its viability until we see live how it works,” writes The Next Web.

The Verge, in turn, reminds us that many other vendors, such as Energous, in the electronics exhibitions promise “really wireless recharging” for the last few years, but their concepts are still far from being realized in reality.

According to Oleg Kivokurtsev, Director of Development of Promobot, Xiaomi’s development is unlikely to become a mass product.

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