A new portable battery to charge your car

Portable batteries have become a real lifesaver for all those people who fear running out of battery in the middle of a trip, or for hikers and athletes who venture into the mountains and for those who have an extra battery in their phones can guess the difference between life and death. We had already overcome that. However, the appearance on the scene of the electric car once again gave us the creeps: Automotive brands are expected to sell exclusively electric-powered models by 2030, but what happens if we run out of battery in the middle of nowhere?

Portable battery to charge your electric car

It would no longer be useful to carry a can of gasoline in the car, of course, but they could not sell us anything similar if we could get to a service station on foot … or could we? A smartphone power bank wouldn’t do anything, of course, but… what if we could take a portable car battery with us? It will soon be possible thanks to ZipCharge, that’s why we tell you everything we know about this device!

Features of Portable Car Battery Charger 🔋

Make no mistake, in Spain, thousands of chargers for electric car batteries still have to be installed if we want to normalize this type of mobility both at the urban level and, above all, at the interurban level. The cars that are to come begin to guarantee 1000 kilometers of autonomy, which would give us practically to cross Spain in one go without having to stop (something not recommended at the level of driver fatigue, by the way). 

Now, what happens if we have missed recharging our vehicle and our battery runs out in an area where there are still no chargers? We know of a few scary movies that start like this… There are those who until now had cans of gasoline in the trunk to avoid this logistics problem, and those people will be precisely the ones who are more than happy to see the arrival of ZipCharge

This device is a portable battery to charge the electric car that, although it is not exactly small (it is somewhat larger than a valid suitcase as hand luggage on an airplane), will get us out of more than one hurry, especially in the early stages of electric mobility that still has to get the batteries in many aspects. In theory, it will be as simple as taking it out of the trunk, taking it to an area near the electricity input, and connecting it to our vehicle.

And what does this contraption achieve? Well, neither more nor less than using its 4 kWh of power at the service of our desperation to, in an hour, give ourselves up to 32 kilometers of distance with which to find a charging point or, at least, get off that gloomy road where We’d be too easy a target for vampires, werewolves, or who knows.

Uses and peculiarities of the portable battery to start your car 🧐

32 kilometers may not seem like a big deal, just a 15-minute journey at a good pace, although the truth is that if the network of electric chargers grows as planned, it should be more than enough time to get to a place where you can refuel. without any problem. All you have to do is use your smartphone to locate the closest recharging point to recharge both your car battery and your ZipCharge itself, you never know when you may need it again!

Of course, it does not seem that such a device is valid for day-to-day, among other things because its weight is a burden for the battery of our vehicle and because it is normal that in urban centers there is no problem when it comes to finding charging points. However, this portable car battery is a marvel when it comes to tackling long journeys.

This is where it will be appreciated to put one less suitcase in the trunk, or even for manufacturers to rake their brains to find a compartment that does not steal space, but that allows us to have this device, or a similar one, that allows us to travel with the maximum peace of mind that we will reach our destination (in terms of autonomy) without any problem.

In addition, it can also be wonderful as a portable battery for the camper, since this type of van will not need an external generator or a connection to the electrical network, but they will not compromise the charge of the batteries they use to move. Of course, it seemed like a great idea to us, now we just need to know if it will be affordable or if it will be intended only for a few with great economic possibilities!

When will the external car battery be available? 🤔

For now, there is not much reliable news about the launch of ZipCharge, although yes, it seems clear that it will not happen next year. Although electric cars are still a minority on our roads, these types of products may be the ones that make us make the definitive leap to this type of driving, since the people who are concerned about being stranded halfway are many more than the ones you can think of.

As the company itself has communicated, the first stocks of this portable electric car battery would be on sale, at the earliest, at the end of 2022, and would be accessible in two different ways:

  • Acquiring them through a single payment.
  • Renting them for an amount close to 60 euros per month.

Of course, it does not seem that it is going to be an excessively cheap technology, although the normal thing is that its price tends to be lowered in the face of 2030 in which electric conduction is expected to be the predominant one in developed countries.

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