Google Meet features will have a new interface in meetings

Google announced a package of new features to your meeting service video, Google Meet. The most striking is the possibility for the user to choose an animated background for a video. Another addition appears in a data-saving mode when the conversation takes place with any of the participants on a smartphone or tablet connected to the operator’s network – without Wi-Fi.

The world has unfortunately celebrated the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, and meetings with video calls are part of the lives of a tremendous number of workers, as is my case. Google Meet is one of the many competent options on the market, but it needs to keep getting new features to still be within the range of options for people. This week, the search giant has put more tools to help.

The first of the novelties is the user’s ability to choose a different background for their participation, with the addition of videos in images. According to Google, the goal is to allow call participants not to show what is behind the person himself – that towel on the bed or half threw in the middle of the room knows.

Google meet new features
Source;  publicity / Google

This video feature of Google Meet will arrive for all users in the coming weeks. But for now, people can choose one of three options. One being a party, the other representing a classroom, and the last one is a forest. Other alternatives will available soon.

Google Meet promises to reduce data consumption

Another novelty of this package is great for countries where the cost of using mobile internet is high, as in Brazil. To help people in these places, Google will make a data saving mode available in April.

The search giant did not describe how it managed to reduce the consumption of data during video calls. But the company is already well known for the ability to compress videos published on YouTube, so something from this platform will likely be applied within Google Meet – nor that is just the reduction in resolution.

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Continuing, users of a meeting at Google Meet will start using an improved interface for the web version of the tool as early as May. During the same month, these people can pin other participants windows and see the shared content in a large interface.

Google meet new features
Source; Verge

In the same period, it will be possible to decrease reposition or even remove the face of the person who is in front of the camera. Google believes that with this function, the space to see the faces of other participants increases. Together with greater attention to what is being discussed at that time.

Who is meeting at Google Meet from a Workspace account, paid and the corporate version of Google, can use a new tool for automatic zoom, and that works with the help of artificial intelligence? Promised for the coming months, this feature will make a participant always centralized in the space he occupies in his square.

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