Facebook announces Clubhouse clone

Facebook announced on Monday (19), new audio tools to butt heads with Clubhouse (and all other audio platform clones). In addition to launching its version of the social network, Facebook now supports podcasts and introduced a feature called Soundbites, to share sounds in short form. The platform also closed a partnership with Spotify to listen to music within the app.

Facebook audio rooms (Image: Disclosure / Facebook)
Facebook audio rooms (Image: Disclosure / Facebook)

Audio rooms

Facebook was already exploring possible alternatives to the clubhouse a few months ago. The feature will reach both the main application and Messenger, starting with social network groups. Initially, the audio rooms will also be available for personalities and specialists, according to the company. The forecast is that all users will have access to the tool by the end of the year.

Plans for the future include that fans can directly support creators through in-app rewards (Stars). Also, the company plans other monetization tools, such as subscription audio rooms.


The feature called Soundbites is a kind of TikTok (or Instagram Reels), but only with audio, in which users can browse through a feed of short sound clips. The novelty begins to be tested with a small group of content creators in the coming months.

Facebook Soundbites (Image: Disclosure / Facebook)
Facebook Soundbites (Image: Disclosure / Facebook)

Podcasts on Facebook

Facebook also wants to add podcasts to its platform. According to Zuckerberg, there are more than 170 million Facebook users connected to a podcast page on the social network. However, so far, there is no way to listen to the episodes on Facebook.

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The idea is that, in the future, it will be easier to access this content more easily: users will be able to discover new audio based on their interests and play it, even in the background, while browsing the social network. Comments and indications of podcasts for friends are also part of the project.

Podcasts on Facebook (Image: Disclosure / Facebook)
Podcasts on Facebook (Image: Disclosure / Facebook)

Facebook and Spotify work on “Project Boombox”

Facebook’s partnership with Spotify is something more robust, but it is directly related to the platform’s efforts to increase audio resources, including music and podcasts.

The so-called “Project Boombox” should allow social network users to use the integration with the streaming service to share songs, episodes and playlists in their feed. The resource may display a small player that would allow media to be played directly by Facebook.

According to a spokesman for Spotify, in response to TechCrunch, the company’s ambition “has always been to make Spotify ubiquitous on all platforms and devices.” Integration with Facebook is, therefore, another step towards that goal.

Facebook is also eyeing Newsletters

Like Twitter, Facebook also appears to have plans to launch a newsletter product soon – yet another tool that can attract content creators. According to Mark Zuckerberg, it is “a product in which a journalist or creator can create a subscription for people who want to follow them, which includes a newsletter and a podcast – something really powerful”.

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