Mi Electric Scooter 3: Xiaomi launches its new electric scooter

Xiaomi is renewing its range of electric scooters with the Mi Electric Scooter 3. Main characteristic: its 600-watt motor which can climb very steep slopes.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3: the new benchmark of electric scooter?

Xiaomi has unveiled several products for its ecosystem. So these are not smartphones, but products that you can potentially use with them. You will find a WiFi 6 tri-band router, a connected fat-free fryer, a pair of true wireless headphones (for the Redmi brand), a gaming monitor, and an electric scooter. The latter is called Mi Electric Scooter 3. And it replaces the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, launched in 2020.

Mi Electric Scooter 3

This model of electric scooter differs from its predecessor by the power of its motor which doubles to reach 600 w. Thanks to this, it can climb slopes of 16 °, which is impossible for other models. Despite all the power available, the engine is limited to 25 km / h, the maximum speed authorized.

Its weight, lighter, passes to 13 kg while keeping its aluminum frame.

Boosted autonomy and power

Improvement also on the braking system with a rear disc brake with a double pad. Of course, the eABS is still there. Improvement in the theoretical autonomy of the scooter, which goes from 45 kilometers to 50 kilometers, thanks to a battery whose capacity now reaches 7650 mAh (or 275 Wh). You can recharge it in about 8 hours.

Mi Electric Scooter 3
Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi has also integrated an energy-saving mode so as not to lose charge on the days when you are not taking the scooter.

The Mi Electric Scooter 3 is always equipped with an LCD screen, a 2w front lighting LED, and a Bluetooth 4.1 connection to allow connection to the Mi Home mobile application.

Available in gray and black, the model does not yet have a price or release date.

“The recommended price is 449 euros this is an international announcement,” said Xiaomi.

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