MediaTek to release world’s first four-nanometer chip


The Taiwanese company MediaTek, known for its single-chip platforms for smartphones, is preparing to move to new process technology. This informs Gizmochina.

Allegedly, the chipmaker MediaTek is already negotiating with TSMC to conclude a contract for the production of 4-nm and, in the future, 3-nm platforms. Thanks to this, Chinese manufacturers Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are placing orders for new processors specifically from MTK.

However, the transition to a more subtle technological process of making crystals can lead to a sharp rise in the cost of chips and, subsequently, smartphones themselves. A similar thing has already happened, for example, with the Snapdragon 888 processor, which turned out to be significantly more expensive than its predecessor.

MediaTek, which enjoys a reputation as a budget processor manufacturer, is set to release its solution ahead of Apple and Qualcomm. The latter usually become leaders in the “race” of technological processes – at the end of 2020, these companies were the first to introduce 5-nm chips.

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