Do you know how to save a drowned smartphone?

Modern smartphones have a high level of protection against moisture, but there are situations when this does not help. 

What to do if you drowned an expensive Smartphone?

Long-term use makes the device more vulnerable: scratches, chips, and cracks appear on its body and screen. Such damage often goes unnoticed, but it can cause moisture to penetrate the inside of the smartphone, mainly if used in the rain or accidentally dropped into water.

In case this happened, first of all, you need to turn off the device.

Does the hairdryer work in this condition?

There are several ways to save a wet gadget. Moreover, the use of a hairdryer is the most dubious of them.

“Firstly, you can blow the water into the gadget even deeper with a hairdryer. Secondly, the plastic case can be damaged under the influence of high temperature” 

This method was suitable for older mobile phones that the user could disassemble and assemble on their own, but not for modern non-separable devices.

Now, what are the ways to save the drowned Smartphone?

Here is the trick, ordinary rice absorbs moisture well from inside the smartphone.

The smartphone should be placed in rice or silica gel, as they draw out moisture. Silica gel is better, but you probably don’t have it at home. Leaving your smartphone in rice for a day can help.

But, also it is best to take the device to the service without delay.

“The more time passes after water ingress, the more chances that the damage will become irreversible”

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