Elon Musk Said He Successfully Chip Monkey

Entrepreneur Elon Musk reported on the successful chip monkey. The words of the founder of SpaceX and Tesla are quoted by Bloomberg.

Elon Musk
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Musk reported on his company Neuralink’s next experiment on the social app Clubhouse, created for communication and online conferences. Speaking to one user who asked the entrepreneur about the latest developments in Neuralink, Elon Musk said the company had a monkey with a wireless implant in the brain.

“She can play video games with her brain,” Musk said. According to him, the chip is completely hidden under the skin of the animal without harm to him. The SpaceX founder concluded that Neuralink has created “better conditions for monkeys.” “In the future, we want monkeys to play ping pong with each other,” the entrepreneur admitted.

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Also in a conversation with users, Musk said that the goal of the chipping technology is to eliminate the effects of brain and spinal cord injuries and return patients lost abilities. “It’s similar to The Fitbit (fitness bracelet produced by the American company of the same name). in your skull with tiny wires ingesting into your brain,” explained the implant’s owner, Neuralink.

In August 2020, Musk revealed that his company Neuralink had successfully chipped pigs. Engineers were able to implant the implant into the animal’s brain and then remove it without harming their health. Using a chip, the scientists were able to monitor the activity of the animal’s brain centers wirelessly. Neuralink was founded in July 2016.

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