Apple VR glasses have 8k display & 10 cameras

Apple VR

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According to the insider, Apple is preparing a VR headset with features that no virtual or augmented reality device has on the market yet. So it will be equipped with two displays with a resolution of 8K and a dozen cameras. Apple devices will go on sale in 2022 and will not be a design for mass buyers.

This information shared a render of Apple VR headset, Which is based on “images of the latest version of the prototype” used last year. 

Reporter Alex Heath posted an art device provided by a source close to a company on his Twitter account.

Apple VR

In addition to the post, the journalist talked about some of the functions of the device. For example, the headset will support both VR and AR technology. That means it will able to completely immerse a person in a virtual space and complement the real world with digital elements.

To place virtual objects in space the headset will be equipped with lidars. They will track the distance between real objects and correctly scale the virtual object.

Also, the VR helmet will receive two displays with 8K resolution support. Similar gadgets that support this format are not yet in the market. It is assumed that the headset’s media will be better at perceiving the image due to its high resolution.

The helmet straps, with which the device can be put on the head, will add the technology “spatial sound” used in wireless headphones AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. It also appears that Apple is working on power chips for the headset, which they built into the straps.

Apple continues to develop ways to interact with the headset. For example, the company is considering the option to control devices on the finger like a thimble and a gear adjusting wheel located directly on the headset. Also, the headset will be equipped with eye-tracking technology and a dozen cameras to capture hand movements.

According to the information provided by the portal, Apple VR headset will be released in 2022 and will cost about $3000

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