Apple Silicon chip delayed until October 2021

The iMac with an Apple Silicon chip would have been delayed until October 2021

Apple fans who are longing for a new addition to the iMac lineup may be disappointed by a rumour that suggests that the new apple-like computers, the iMac, with an Apple Silicon chip, won’t arrive until October 2021.

Earlier rumours had claimed that the iMac with an Apple Silicon chip would arrive in March 2021, after the company did not include a new iMac in its September 2020 event, which saw the announcement of the Apple M1 chip and new models of MacBook Air, Pro, and Mini.

But according to a LeaksApplePro commentary on Twitter, the iMac with an Apple Silicon chip will now arrive in October instead of March.

It should be noted that LeaksApplePro includes the word “apparently” in its assessment of the delays of Apple’s latest desktop computers, and the account is not the most reliable source when it comes to circulating rumours. But even so, with little or no information from Apple itself, there’s no reason to doubt that the iMac 2021 remains firmly in development.

Apple is reportedly planning the first major overhaul of its desktop iMac computers in nearly a decade.

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What we expect from the iMac

The design of Apple’s popular all-in-one computer was first introduced in 2012 and has remained largely unchanged since then. Today, with the arrival of the new Apple M1 chip, it seems likely that the iMac will undergo a major refresh.

According to a Bloomberg report, by abandoning Intel processors for its desktop computer, Apple is now free to make major design changes that were not possible with its Intel-equipped devices.

The report suggests that Apple will significantly reduce the size of its iMacs by adopting a flat back rather than the current curved design, probably due to the reduced cooling needs of Apple Silicon processors.

It is not yet clear which Apple chip will use for its new iMac lineup, with various rumours circulating about several models using different processors (some of which are set to stay with Intel). In all likelihood, at least one of the new iMac models can be expected to arrive with an Apple M2 (or analogue) chip. In any case, it’s going to be expensive.

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