Apple Music Hi-Fi: immersive Dolby sound

Apple Music Hi-Fi

Apple Music Hi-Fi- At the end of February, Spotify announced that HiFi sound (high fidelity) would soon be available as part of a new payment plan, superior to the existing one, in the style of Tidal or Amazon Music HD. Already then we speculated with the possibility that Apple would make a similar move by incorporating such an option into Apple Music. Well, the day is near to arrive: According to rumors, Apple Music will launch a HiFi option soon, something in turn anticipated by a finding in the code from the iOS 14.6 beta with certain references.

According to sources, it is a Dolby system with immersive audio to offer a 360-degree sound experience. Warner Music, Universal, and Sony Music, the three major record companies in the industry, are working on it so that a very high percentage of the catalog of songs on Apple Music has this option. The credits of these songs, adapted to immersive sound, will have the sound engineers who have remastered them in recent months.

April 15 as a marked date and an adaptive quality system

The original release was scheduled for record companies on April 15, although it did not occur, neither on that date nor at the April 20 event where Apple announced the AirTags or the iMac with Apple Silicon among other releases. Our sources point out that it is possible that this was not the date on which Apple had planned the launch, but that it was the deadline set for record companies to be able to have their service ready on the date that they had in mind. The next big Apple event will be WWDC 2021, which will begin on June 7, so there we could see the news in this regard, although it can also be part of a later launch.

Apple Music Hi-Fi

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