Apple is investing $410 million in AR technology.

According to the company’s CEO, it “sets the stage for a new wave of breakthrough technologies.


Apple has reported that its Advanced Manufacturing Fund will grant $410 million to II-IV, a Pennsylvania-based optical technology firm. FaceID, Memoji, and Portrait Mode are all powered by Apple’s technology, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Apple touts the LIDAR scanner used in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro as being essential to augmented reality experiences, and the company also produces lasers for it.

In 2017, Finisar, which was later acquired by II-VI (pronounced “two-six”), received $390 million from Apple’s fund. While this latest investment may show that Apple plans to keep FaceID (alimented by the vertical lasers of the II-IV surface cavity), another sign that points to a future for Apple with AR and VR could also be an investment.

Tim Cook has stated that augmented reality is “critically important” to Apple’s future, and II-IV makes devices that allow computers to see the world in three dimensions. It could help develop a more advanced version, possibly for the rumored mixed reality headset, of the technology already found in Apple devices. The II-IV’s CEO says in a Press Release that Apple’s partnership ‘sets the stage for a new wave of technology breakthroughs which we believe will allow our world to benefit from a wide range of applications over coming decades.’

According to the press release, II-IV will use the funds to increase manufacturing capacity, create jobs, and “accelerate delivery of future iPhone components.”

Source: Verge

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