Google I/O 2021: Google conference

As expected, Google held its I/O 2021 opening keynote last night, during which the company made several announcements, including unveiling a new look for Android, a series of features for its sequel. Google Workspace productivity, and even a new AI that speaks like Pluto. As usual, I have planned multiple articles throughout the day to present in detail … Read more

Google will enable two-factor authentication. By Default

Image credit: Google When someone asks me how they can improve their online security, I recommend that they enable two-factor authentication (2FA). By adding a security element other than your password, such as a Google Authenticator code, you make it orders of magnitude more difficult for someone to break into your online accounts, even if … Read more

Chrome 91 consumes less battery and improves button design

The new Chrome 91 beta is available now, and it brings some welcome changes. It notably brings changes to the design of buttons and forms but also improves the autonomy of your smartphone. Google rolled out Chrome 90 earlier this month, and the US giant is now tackling Chrome 91, whose beta is already available on mobile. … Read more