Google I/O 2021: the Starline project

Google has taken a behind-the-scenes look at a holographic video conferencing project it is working on. This system, currently called “Project Starline” works with high-resolution cameras and “  custom depth sensors  ”. Thanks to a “  revolutionary light-field display  ”, users will be able to “speak naturally, make gestures and make eye contact  ”. Google presented the Starline project at Google I … Read more

Google I/O 2021: LaMDA enables Google Assistant

Google Assistant is arguably the smartest voice assistant around, but even it suffers in some situations. Fortunately, the software giant has been working on improving natural language recognition capabilities. If Google Assistant is already struggling to understand simple commands, a breakthrough technology called LaMDA could help AI have relaxed and fluid conversations. The LaMDA artificial intelligence is still … Read more

Google I/O 2021: Photos will soon create animated photos

Google detailed a selection of Google Photos to feature updates during the Google I / O 2021 conference presentation, starting with an incredible statistic: There are 4 trillion photos and videos stored in Google Photos, an astonishing number, but the vast majority are never consulted. Google uses artificial intelligence to make sure the memories you’ve created and stored in … Read more

Google I/O 2021: Samsung merge Wear OS and Tizen

Normally, we attend Google I / O 2021 to learn more about the latest version of Android, maybe some Google Assistant updates, and some new improvements and features for apps like Google Photos. However, this year is slightly different. This year, Google is giving some much-needed love to its smartwatch ecosystem with some awesome new features coming to Wear OS. If you’re wondering … Read more

Google I/O 2021: Smart Canvas makes more collaborative

Google launched Google Docs and Google Sheets 15 years ago, as part of Google Workspace. Today, Google just announced improvements to Google Workspace, including Smart Canvas, which will help “build the future of work”. While vaccination campaigns are underway around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet behind us. This means that office workers … Read more

Google I/O 2021: Material You design language

Google adopted the Material Design language in 2014, completely changing the way we see and interact with certain elements of Android’s user interface. Material Design design guidelines have evolved over the past few years. But today, at the Google I / O 2021 conference, Google unveiled “Material You,” a new, colorful, and personalized design language. According to the … Read more

Google I/O 2021: Google conference

As expected, Google held its I/O 2021 opening keynote last night, during which the company made several announcements, including unveiling a new look for Android, a series of features for its sequel. Google Workspace productivity, and even a new AI that speaks like Pluto. As usual, I have planned multiple articles throughout the day to present in detail … Read more

I/O 2021: Android 12 unveiled with colorful, faster UI overhaul

While Google made a slew of announcements at Google I/O 2021, the big draw of the opening keynote is undoubtedly the Android 12 reveal. Android 12 did indeed have its heyday, and the first thing Google touched on was the UI changes that ship with the new operating system. As you can imagine given the Material You announcement, the … Read more