Android 12! How do I install Developer Preview?

Welcome Android 12! As you may have read earlier in the morning, there is a new preview of Android for developers! The latest versions of Android have focused more on refinement than on the complete redesign of the OS, and this trend apparently continues with Android 12 Developer Preview. Google says its main goal is to … Read more

New Tesla, what Elon Musk talks about

Billionaire Elon Musk once again took part in a podcast By Joe Rogan, in which he shared his plans for a new model Tesla Roadster, which is to see the light of day in 2022. Also, the entrepreneur told which state, in his opinion, will host a new “Silicon Valley” after all the technology companies … Read more

Apple Silicon chip delayed until October 2021

The iMac with an Apple Silicon chip would have been delayed until October 2021 Apple fans who are longing for a new addition to the iMac lineup may be disappointed by a rumour that suggests that the new apple-like computers, the iMac, with an Apple Silicon chip, won’t arrive until October 2021. Earlier rumours had claimed … Read more

Elon Musk details $100 million carbon capture

After Elon Musk announced he would donate $100 million to a carbon capture contest, the details of this were finally out. The XPrize Foundation, an entity that will organize the competition, announced on Monday that what are the criteria for analyzing the proposals and how will the prize will be distributed. Participants should “create and demonstrate a … Read more

Apple VR glasses have 8k display & 10 cameras

Image credit: The information According to the insider, Apple is preparing a VR headset with features that no virtual or augmented reality device has on the market yet. So it will be equipped with two displays with a resolution of 8K and a dozen cameras. Apple devices will go on sale in 2022 and will … Read more

OneDrive for Android now supports 8K videos

Microsoft has just released a major update for OneDrive on Android, this time with several notable improvements that Samsung users will love. First, there’s a new home screen, and it looks like the one already available on iOS, supporting OneDrive accounts at work, at school, and home. It requires at least Android 6.0. “If you have a personal … Read more

Neuralink, Musk vows to chip man in 2021

Shortly after reports that the Neuralink project had been chipped, Elon Musk told his followers that human neuro interface testing should begin before the end of this year. The billionaire is confident that his company’s developments will help people facing paralysis, brain damage, and memory loss to return to normal life. Elon Musk said one of his … Read more

Xiaomi smartphones will be charged by air

Xiaomi has shown the world a new device that can charge your smartphone through the air without any contact.  Image credit: Mi Wireless recharging gadgets with mats and docking stations have not yet become a daily occurrence for many users around the world, and the Chinese company Xiaomi has already gone even further. There was … Read more

Elon Musk Said He Successfully Chip Monkey

Entrepreneur Elon Musk reported on the successful chip monkey. The words of the founder of SpaceX and Tesla are quoted by Bloomberg. Musk reported on his company Neuralink’s next experiment on the social app Clubhouse, created for communication and online conferences. Speaking to one user who asked the entrepreneur about the latest developments in Neuralink, Elon Musk said the … Read more

iPhone 13 can bring Touch ID digital reader

iPhone 13 can bring Touch ID digital reader under the screen Rumors that Apple has been working on a Touch ID digital reader under the screen have been circulating for some time. By 2021, they should finally come true with the iPhone 13, which will offer functionality along with Face ID. However, the planned solution for the … Read more

Simplified version of Android called MicroDroid

image credit: Google Google is working to improve security and virtualization on Android hardware. To this end, a new version of Android is being prepared at Google under the name MicroDroid. This new operating system is a lighter version of Android, designed specifically for virtual machines. Google’s goal is for MicroDroid to operate the systems in a … Read more

Signal just gave WhatsApp users more reasons to change

Following the major political debacle of WhatsApp (which they even tried to justify and which they then delayed), several alternatives to the messaging app such as Signal and Telegram have ramped up. As a result, developers frequently update their apps and add new features to meet user requests. For example, Signal, one of WhatsApp’s competitors, received a new update … Read more

Twitter acquires newsletter platform

Twitter acquires newsletter platform Image credit: Pixabay As Twitter has expanded its activities to other areas, Twitter has announced the acquisition of Revue, a startup that offers an e-mail service focused on newsletters. This change allows Twitter to capitalize on its user base of writers, journalists, and publications who regularly use the service to reach their readers … Read more