There are three times more Android devices than iPhones.

Three times more android users than iphone

The debate over which is the best mobile operating system, Android or iOS, is eternal. However, it cannot be denied that Android dominates the markets around the world, as it equips many smartphones from various manufacturers other than Google. Therefore, the number of devices running Android is much higher than the number of devices running iOS. And Google just revealed the total number of active Android devices. This number is almost three times that of iPhones or more than 3 billion devices.

In addition to announcing the Starline project and a new design language for Android at Google I / O 2021, Sameer Samat, vice president of product management at Google, announced that Android now runs on a total of more than 3 billion active devices worldwide. This is more than three times the number of active iOS devices (~ 1 billion) worldwide.

The Mountain View giant has taken this step after acquiring more than 500 million active Android devices in the past two years. In addition, according to reports, the estimated number of Android devices that Google has gained since 2017 is over one billion devices.

However, these figures are based on data from Google’s digital marketplace, i.e. the Google Play Store. Therefore, the 3 billion active devices do not include devices that run Android, but ship with other digital app stores, such as Amazon Fire devices. Moreover, this figure also does not include the millions of Android devices in China, as this country does not use any of Google’s services.

So yes, as you can imagine, the total number of Android devices in the world is well over 3 billion, which is insane!

The main reasons

So why is there such a disparity between the total number of users of the two mobile operating systems? Well, there are a few important reasons. First, Android equips not only devices that cost around $ 50, but also those that cost over $ 1,000. Regarding iOS, it is limited to the iPhone range, which is part of the high-end category of the market.

Second, in markets like India and Brazil, most people prefer an Android device over an iPhone. This is due to the high price of the iPhone line. So, as you might expect, the number of Android devices is much higher in these countries than the number of iOS devices.

Finally, there is the loyalty factor. Apple is ahead of the curve when it comes to loyalty. However, according to earlier reports, users are now more loyal to Android than iOS. As a result, more users are turning to Google’s mobile operating system rather than purchasing an iOS device. So these are some of the reasons that have increased the number of active Android devices to over 3 billion.

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