Simplified version of Android called MicroDroid


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Google is working to improve security and virtualization on Android hardware. To this end, a new version of Android is being prepared at Google under the name MicroDroid. This new operating system is a lighter version of Android, designed specifically for virtual machines.

Google’s goal is for MicroDroid to operate the systems in a virtual machine. In short, Google’s main goal is to develop something that looks like Android but with better virtualization and security for individual Android apps. MicroDroid will also be able to communicate with the underlying hosts of Android for better operation.

In any case, it looks like Google is preparing for the future- a future where even a smartphone operating system needs an iteration that can be exploited in the cloud!

This new version of Android appeared in a commit description being developed at Google. MicroDroid’s description indicates that it will be a“stripped-down version of the generic image of the Android system (GSI)“. According to XDA Developers analysis, the goal will probably be to run virtual machines alongside Android” possibly for DRM-related applications”.

It’s not as simple as the most popular and popular current version of the virtual machine in the cloud: virtual games. Rather, it’s about simplifying the execution of secure applications in the cloud, moving from one operating system iteration to another to secure profiles.

Is that a good thing?

This may be related to The Chrome elements that allow Android apps to work – such as the Virtual Machine Manager of Chrome OS (crosvm). It’s not hard to draw parallels to virtual machines running Android in the cloud to allow all kinds of Google-enabled software to appear on all machines.

Imagine a future where you can access Google Play and any Android app from any machine. The performance will likely improve if MicroDroid is developed with much better virtualization than Android. This will be a simplified version of Android, which means that all its components will also be at a minimum.

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