Xiaomi announces Sound: an affordable high-end speaker.

The Xiaomi Sound is a connected speaker to place in any room, a direct competitor to Google Home or HomePod mini.

Xiaomi Sound: a “high-end” connected speaker

Xiaomi on Tuesday evening hosted a highly anticipated launch event in China where it unveiled the premium Xiaomi Mix 4 smartphone alongside the  Mi Pad 5 series, Xiaomi CyberDog, and its second-generation OLED TV. The firm also announced what it called its first high-end smart speaker. The device is called Xiaomi Sound.

As is often the case with Xiaomi, the product does not seek to be of the best quality, but rather to go in the field of value for money. Despite being called a high-end speaker, it comes with a pretty decent price tag of 499 yuan ($ 77).

Xiaomi sound

You might have expected a bulky speaker, but Xiaomi Sound has a compact body and surprisingly the internal setup is designed to produce powerful sound.

Indeed, the brand promises 90 dB sound, Hi-Res audio certification, and 360-degree sound.

A competitor to the HomePod mini

Xiaomi Sound is available in two colors: silver and black. Lei Jun touts the speaker for being the smartest and most beautiful the brand has launched in 10 years.

Another cool feature is that the speaker supports two interconnects, combined stereo, and even 8 interconnects. This means that you can connect up to eight speakers in different places for a robust sound experience throughout the home, convenient for continuing to listen to music from the living room to the kitchen, for example. Besides Bluetooth connectivity, the smart speaker also supports Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB) connectivity.

Xiaomi has yet to reveal the availability details. For now, the company has only presented this product in China,

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