Realme presents MagDart, its 50W magnetic wireless charger

Realme has unveiled a magnetic wireless charging system for its Android phones. Realme calls the MagDart system, and it competes directly with Apple’s MagSafe.

Realme MagDart: a MagSafe for Android?

Realme officially introduced the MagDart, its magnetic wireless charger inspired by Apple’s MagSafe. New from an Android manufacturer, the device is at the heart of a  “magnetic ecosystem”  and comes in two versions.

MagDart 15W

The MagDart 15 W is the real alternative to the MagSafe and Realme does not avoid comparisons, presenting its charger as being “the thinnest” on the market. The charger measures 3.9mm, which is 26.4% less than the MagSafe charger (5.3mm), and is intended to be faster than Apple’s solution. The Chinese manufacturer mentions the possibility of recharging a 4,500 mAh battery from 0 to 100% in 90 minutes, against 240 minutes for the MagSafe charger.

To achieve this smoothness and level of performance, Realme explains having placed the motherboard and the coil at both ends of the charging socket and the charging block, with a single charging coil. The MagDart 15W  “separates these two sources of heat generation, thereby reducing heat and providing hours of high-power charging for longer adds the manufacturer.

A record 50W recharge

With a power similar to what most wired manufacturers currently offer, this new gadget already promises to revolutionize our use of the telephone. According to the brand, it would thus be able to fully charge a  4,500 mAh battery in just 54 minutes, proof in support with the Realme Flash, a conceptual smartphone presented as the first Android in the world to support this type of technology.

MagDart 50W

As powerful as it is impressive, the  “world’s fastest” wireless charger also solves one of the main problems associated with wireless charging, namely heat, and energy loss. Thanks to its magnet, the MagDart device automatically positions itself on the smartphone and stays there. In addition, an integrated ventilation system prevents overheating.

An ecosystem like Apple

If the Chinese firm has opted for a 4500 mAh battery, it is no coincidence, since this accumulator is that of the Realme Flash. This smartphone will be the first to be compatible with this technology, and its full officialization should follow shortly. Realme also presented the MagDart Wallet, a magnetic accessory for carrying up to three cards, while serving as a smartphone holder.

MagDart light

The MagDart Beauty Light works the same way and consists of a module of 60 mini-LEDs to improve the brightness of your portraits. An additional light source, which will work thanks to reverse charging.

MagDart power bank

Finally, the firm announced the arrival of the MagDart Power Bank, an external battery functioning like that of Apple. It is therefore sufficient to “stick” it to the back of the smartphone for it to charge it. 

All Images Source: Realme

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