PlayStation VR 2: new details unveiled by Sony

Sony does not seem to want to remain silent on its next generation of virtual reality headsets. The Japanese firm has indeed unveiled new details on the PlayStation VR 2, especially around screens and controllers.

PlayStation VR 2

The PS5’s virtual reality headset becomes clearer

After the officialization of the PlayStation VR 2 controllers last March, several rumors have arisen around the next virtual reality headset from Sony. We learned, for example, that the product would offer 4K, eye movement tracking, or an OLED panel. During a conference dedicated to developers, the Japanese firm took the opportunity to offer more details, including technical characteristics.

According to information relayed by the YouTube channel PSVR Without Parole, Sony would have announced that the new controllers of the PlayStation VR 2 will be able to detect when you hold them in your hand and touch the buttons, but also the distance at which your fingers are. The controllers would thus know exactly how far away each of our fingers is in real-time. To see how the developers could integrate this technology. This could for example allow players to visualize their in-game fingers.

Regarding the screen, the PlayStation VR 2 would have two HDR OLED 4K panels with a definition of 2000 by 2040 pixels. We also find the mention of an eye-tracking feature, that is to say, the tracking of the movement of the eyes. The field of vision offered by the virtual reality headset would be 110 °, an increase of 10 ° compared to the previous generation. A haptic feedback technology would also have been implemented in the headset.

AAA games for PlayStation VR 2

Finally, Sony explains that it wants to continue its efforts concerning its hybrid AAA model to make the success of its PSVR 2. This means that the company is betting on big games playable both on console, but also through its headphones. virtual reality. We’ve seen Resident Evil 7 and No Man’s Sky on PS4 take advantage of this strategy before. It now remains to wait until 2022, at the earliest, to see the PlayStation VR 2 arrive on the market.

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