Migrate from an iPhone to an Android smartphone

It sometimes happens that iOS users go for the Android adventure. To facilitate this transition, Google is preparing an application called “Switch to Android” to allow iPhone users to easily and quickly migrate to an Android smartphone. The initiative is very reminiscent of the application created by Apple and allowing to go the opposite way: “Move to iOS“.

Migrate from an iPhone to an Android smartphone

Google sets out to conquer iPhone users to bring them to Android

The 9to5Google media has just discovered a new application allowing iPhone users to migrate their data to an Android smartphone. This new utility appeared following an APK scan of the data reset tool included in the Google Play Store. We thus learn that in the lines of code of the data restoration tool “Data Restore Tool”, the mention of an application taking the name of “Switch to Android”.

Through these lines of code, the user is notably asked to download the “Switch to Android” application from the Apple App Store and to go to the iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings to create a Wi-Fi hotspot to which the Android smartphone must connect. With this device, simpler than that going through Google Drive, users should be able to migrate their SMS, contacts, photos, and even their applications (provided that they are also available on the Play Store).

No launch date has yet been detected in the lines of code of the Google utility. One thing is certain, this type of tool could allow many users to take the plunge and try their hand at an Android smartphone. Some data already reflected a large proportion of users have switched from one operating system to another. In 2020, for example, 26% of people with an iPhone had migrated to an Android smartphone according to data from Apple revealed during its lawsuit against Epic Games.

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