I/O 2021: Android 12 unveiled with colorful, faster UI overhaul

While Google made a slew of announcements at Google I/O 2021, the big draw of the opening keynote is undoubtedly the Android 12 reveal.

Android 12 did indeed have its heyday, and the first thing Google touched on was the UI changes that ship with the new operating system. As you can imagine given the Material You announcement, the UI changes in Android 12 are largely color-centric.

Google’s Sameer Samat has confirmed that Android’s UI is undergoing some pretty drastic changes in Android 12, with a new look for everything from the lock screen to the settings menu. A feature specific to Pixel smartphones is called Color Extraction, which will see Android create a custom color scheme based on the image you set as your wallpaper.

These new colors will apply to various parts of the user interface, whether they appear as matching color accents or colored panels in Android’s notification shadow.

After touching on the Color Extraction feature, Samat took an interest in the changes we’ll see on the lock screen. One of the major changes is dynamic lighting which will change the way your screen lights up depending on how you wake up your device – pressing the lock button, for example, will create a ripple effect. which will turn on the screen from the power button to the outside. The clock has also been redesigned to be centered on the lock screen when you don’t have any notifications to display.

Android 12

Beta version of Android 12 is available

The notifications screen is also revamped and features controls for Google Home and Google Pay. Users will also be able to bring up Google Assistant by holding the power button on the smartphone. Samat claims that the Android team has made the user interface smoother and promises that everything about the Android 12 user interface will be more responsive as well.

Of course, this reveal is just a taste – we’ll learn more about Android 12 and its new user interface as we move into the summer and get closer to rolling out the new OS. autumn.

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