Xbox Series X and S: more powerful versions

In November, it will be a year since the Xbox Series X and S were released. Despite the shortage of components impacting the supply of consoles across the world, Microsoft is planning to offer new versions of these next-gen consoles. New rumors indeed underline that a more powerful version of the Series S could arrive next year and a new Series X for 2023. The first information on the major changes of these models has also been unveiled.

Xbox Series X and S
Microsoft Xbox

How will the Xbox Series X and S improve?

In his video about the upcoming PS5 Pro, YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead also took the time to talk about the next generations of Microsoft consoles. To begin with, the creator explains that the Xbox Series S would be marketed during the year 2022. In terms of changes, we will find a CPU engraved in 6 nm, against 7 nm for the current generation. Bringing more power, the RDN2 architecture would always be there. RDNA 3 could also replace the latter given its democratization. However, it is not yet known whether the console would truncate 1080p for 4K.

The objective of this new console would be mainly to offer better performance to the console. Many developers complain that they don’t have enough power to be able to provide a decent experience for players. According to the YouTuber, this new console would be offered for 350 dollars. The current version would be down to the price of 250 dollars. For the Xbox Series X, a new version should be offered during the year 2023.

It should be noted that Microsoft has not yet stated its wish to offer improved versions of its consoles, unlike Sony.

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