Microsoft releases affordable wired headset for Xbox gaming

After the arrival of an Xbox wireless headset a few months ago, Microsoft has just launched a wired version. The objective is thus to allow players to enjoy the sound environment of their video games at a more affordable price. A few changes were still made to lower the bill.

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Microsoft headset
credit: Microsoft

A new Xbox headset at only 59.99 euros

With its new Xbox headset, Microsoft now offers an affordable alternative to its wireless device released last February. We learn that the wired headset costs € 59.99, against € 99.99 for the wireless version.

The design of the two helmets is also very similar. Some differences are still to be noted. First of all, the audio mixer wheel to adjust the volume of the audio chat and the sound of video games is no longer in the game. The latter was present on the left speaker of the wireless headset. However, the mute button is still present behind the mic, as is the volume wheel on the right ear cup.

In terms of audio specificities, the wired Xbox headset from Microsoft is compatible with several spatial sound formats: Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X. The company announces in particular that the headset offers “clean performance in the medium and high frequencies, with powerful bass ”.

Being equipped with a wire, the headset can connect to any device benefiting from a jack. It can thus connect to the Xbox wireless controller, to a Windows PC, or a Switch for example. For those already interested, know that pre-orders are already open on the Microsoft site. The Xbox headset will officially launch in just over a month, however, on September 21, 2021.

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