Windows 11 is here: Everything is new.


Microsoft unveiled the new version of Windows at its virtual event. Although the Redmond giant previously declared Windows 10 to be the last version of Windows, today it is taking a big step forward. We go beyond the legacy of more than 5 years of Windows 10 with the launch of Windows 11.

Yes, the next-generation version of Windows is called Windows 11. The main goal of Windows 11 is to simplify the Windows user interface, with a new Start menu design, improvements to the Microsoft Store, and more. Windows 11 will also allow Android apps to run for the first time.

Windows 11: Discover the new features

New desktop and start menu user interface

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that Windows 11 brings a major UI update. The taskbar icons are now centered, all apps have rounded corners, and Windows feels like a breath of fresh air. The biggest change is without a doubt the redesigned Start menu. In addition, it is now floating (separate, no longer linked to the taskbar) and has a new pop-up animation compared to Windows 10.

Windows 11 new desktop

Although Microsoft rolled back its Chrome OS competitor, Windows 10X, the company ported many of its design cues and features to Windows 11. This also includes a new startup sound (listen to it from the link below) -joint), brand-new wallpapers, a new out-of-the-box setup experience, and more.

New interface for settings and action center

In addition, Microsoft has also revamped the settings UI to make it much cleaner and easier to access. There is also a redesigned “Action Center” for quick access to certain settings and notifications in Windows 11. Buttons for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery saver, tune-up assistant, and other key parameters are integrated into it. The music playback window will now appear in the Action Center.

The Redmond giant has also added a new “Snap Layouts” feature that makes it easier to use apps on your Windows 11 PC. You can now hover over the maximize button in apps to see layout options, as shown below.

Windows 11 new action centre

Windows 11 Widgets

The next big change in Windows 11 is the new widget panel. It is easily accessible from the new centered icons in the taskbar. This is a personalized feed that displays weather updates, the latest news selected to your liking, and more. We don’t know yet whether Windows 11 will support third-party widgets from other app makers or not.

New widgets for windows 11

Revamped Microsoft Store

As rumored long ago, Windows 11 brings a redesigned and more powerful Microsoft Store. The biggest change is that the company now gives you access to UWP apps, PWAs, or Win32 apps right from the store.

New Microsoft store

While this is great news for users, developers will also find their accounts in the new Microsoft Store, as the company doesn’t require them to share the revenue. Developers can integrate their commerce engine into their applications and keep 100% of their revenue.

Android apps on the Microsoft Store

Another big upgrade from the Microsoft Store is support for Android apps. And yes, you read correctly. The company has integrated the Amazon Appstore directly into the Microsoft Store for you to download Android applications on Windows 11. Microsoft is using Intel Bridge technology to make this project a reality. You can then choose to pin those Android apps to the Start menu, taskbar, and other places.

Android apps on Microsoft

Improvements for tablet, touch, and games

Microsoft says Windows 11 is more intuitive on touch devices. The next-generation desktop operating system is the same on desktops and tablets. Now it’s easier to move around in apps, support for improved gestures that are analogous to those we already use on your trackpad, and the immersive pen experience.

When it comes to gaming enhancements, Microsoft is adding Auto-HDR support in Windows 11 to give you a superior graphics experience. The company is also porting its direct storage API to the Xbox Series X to enable faster launch speeds and gaming performance.

Teams integration

The new operating system also features native Microsoft Teams integration. You will be able to reach your friends or colleagues directly from the taskbar, thanks to a dedicated icon in the taskbar. This is a big change from Skype, which was included with Windows 10. , and there’s even a universal mute button in the system tray so you can easily mute your microphone in any app.

Team integration update

Windows 11: An Exciting Upgrade for Windows!

So yes, Microsoft is finally moving from Windows 10 to Windows 11 with a myriad of new and exciting updates. You get a new desktop UI, Windows 10X design cues, a bunch of new sounds and wallpapers, and other improvements. But all of that doesn’t mean the Redmond giant is straying from its Windows-as-a-service strategy. You will now get free Windows 11 updates for years to come.

All image credit: Microsoft

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