Microsoft to add “Music” mode to Teams this month

Music mode to teams

We have started to depend on internet services more than ever because of the coronavirus pandemic, whether they are the best apps for concentrating while working from home or making video calls.

Applications such as zooms and teams have played an essential role in maintaining life. Now, Microsoft is working on a well-considered new feature called Music mode for teams with the rise of online concerts.

The quality of music during calls and team meetings is expected to be improved. The teams automatically adjust their audio bitrate to the available bandwidth in “Music” mode.

As per the Microsoft 365 feature description, teams support mono-128kbps with a sample rate of up to 32kHz. The development team also optimizes audio processing settings to reproduce highly trustworthy music. The videoconferencing service will automatically adjust the audio rate according to your network connection and can go down to 48 kbps.

Microsoft claims to be able to get the most out of this feature as a host, using good audio equipment. “Professional microphones and headphones or quality external speakers are ideal for benefiting from this increased fidelity (no Bluetooth headsets). The built-in microphones and speakers in laptops like the Surface Book will also provide a good experience,  ”the company writes.

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Suitable for desktop customer teams

You can also delete features such as echo annulment, noise annulment, and control if necessary. Microsoft hopes to make music mode available later this month. The feature is ongoing.

When it comes to availability, you can expect ‘Music’ mode to be available in the Teams desktop app. It remains to be seen if this mode will make its way to the mobile version of Teams.

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