Microsoft Windows 11 free update will be available in 2022

Microsoft windows 11

Microsoft’s next big version of Windows has been the subject of much-heated discussion, and not surprisingly, Windows fans seem divided over the value of Windows 11. Much like the operating system itself, Windows 11. is complicated in more than one way, and perhaps nothing is more complicated than its compatibility with existing Windows PCs.

Microsoft officially announced Windows 11, and the company said the operating system would be available for the first devices later this year. Windows 11 is very likely to land around the same time as Windows 10, and so should go live in October or November.

And while the company has said the new operating system will be offered as a free upgrade to select compatible Windows 10 devices, the official Windows Twitter account has now provided more information on the timing of this upgrade. free.

Specifically, Windows 10 devices would be allowed to upgrade to Windows 11 from 2022. So, while the new OS will officially see the light of day later in the year, users will still have to wait a few more months before making the transition.

Windows 11 is expected to be released later in 2021 and will ship over several months. The rollout of the update to Windows 10 devices already in use today will begin in 2022 until the first half of that year“. The Windows Twitter account posted. Oddly enough, Microsoft initially said the free upgrade would be available later in the year.

For Insiders above all

We are also working with our reseller partners to ensure that the Windows 10 PCs you purchase today are ready to upgrade to Windows 11. The free upgrade will begin rolling out to qualifying Windows 10 PCs during the holiday season and will continue into 2022. And next week we’ll start sharing the first release of Windows 11 with the Windows Insider program, a passionate community of Windows fans whose feedback is important to us“. A Microsoft said in the initial announcement.

More information will likely be provided as we get closer to the Windows 11 release date, so for now, the best way to try out all of the new enhancements is to join the Windows Insider program.

The most important question one can ask is how aggressive Microsoft’s campaign for Windows 11 will be this time around. The company has been the subject of much criticism and even legal action for trying to force everyone to upgrade to Windows 10. Ironically, setting the hardware bar a little higher limits the number of existing devices on which to run. Microsoft will be able to impose Windows 11 next year.

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