Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 is an affordable Surface Pen

Credit; Microsoft

Microsoft has just introduced its new Classroom Pen 2 for students using select Windows laptops. The stylus will be sold directly and exclusively to schools and will cost only half the price of the first Classroom Pen, or just $ 19.99.

The company launched its first Classroom Pen in 2019. The stylus sold for $ 39.99 each. It was compatible with any device that supported the MPP protocol (including several non-Surface Windows devices). Microsoft goes even further with this version. Classroom Pen 2 is currently sold to schools in packs of 20, which costs just under $ 400.

The new stylus features some improvements over the original version, such as an elongated casing for better grip and a pen clip to attach to the device. And as was the case with the original version, the Classroom Pen 2 also has two buttons, spare tips included, and a slot through which you can pass a string to keep it attached to the device.

Microsoft said the stylus is ”  optimized for use with Surface Go and Surface Pro and allows students of all ages to write and draw naturally on their screens through an improved design and longer body  .” The company has not shared any further details regarding whether or not the Classroom Pen 2 is compatible with other Windows devices.

While Microsoft has been a little shy about the details, this update will make it easier for students to continue their distance learning. It’s also part of Microsoft’s drive to rethink and improve approaches to learning in the classroom, instead of sticking to pen and paper forever.

Compete with Chromebooks

This launch is part of Microsoft’s long-standing efforts to compete with Chromebooks in education. (These devices had their best year in 2020, as many students around the world started taking lessons from their homes).

Microsoft has worked with partners like Acer, Dell, and Lenovo to release dozens of Windows PCs under $ 500 over the past few years, alongside updates to Microsoft Teams that are geared for classroom use. Pen support can be a must for students who want to draw graphics and take notes on their laptops, and the widespread distribution of Surface Pens could certainly save teachers time and money.

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