Google allows you to tune your guitar in seconds

Google continues to improve its search engine by adding some features. Today, it is the musicians who are in the spotlight with a tool allowing you to tune your guitar in a few seconds. A simple search in his browser and a device with a microphone will indeed be necessary for this manipulation.

Tune your guitar

Tuning your guitar is now possible thanks to Google

If you have a guitar, you’ve either decided to buy a tuner, or you’re using a mobile app or website to tune your guitar. However, a new manipulation will speed up the process and never have your instrument out of tune again. Google has indeed just introduced a new tool to its search engine.

By simply writing “Google tuner” in the search bar of your browser, Google will indeed unveil a tool for tuning your guitar. It will suffice to vibrate one string after another to see if the tuning is good. Otherwise, you will have to adjust each string until the indicator is green.

Via this solution, discovered by Android Police, Google thus offers anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer to tune their instrument anywhere. You will still need an internet connection to access the search page. The good news in the story is that all browsers can take advantage of the tuner. You still have to search the Google engine to benefit from it.

This is not the first time that Google has decided to add small tools to its search engine. For example, you can roll dice by simply writing: “Roll a dice” in Google. It will even be possible to define either the number of faces that the die must-have.

In short, if you are stuck with a tuner or dice, Google will now be your best ally, fast and efficient.

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