Google Stadia Pro: the new games offered in June 2021

Google Stadia Pro

As with its other competitors, Google has made a habit of offering its players new content every month on Stadia. Stadia is Google’s cloud gaming offer, it allows you to play from Google’s servers without having to worry about the power and performance of your PC. Indeed, the PC is only used for display. For June, 4 games are therefore offered to players.

Games offered in June 2021

Google Stadia Pro is an offer available at € 9.99 / month. It stands out from the basic offer, which is free, by giving access to 4K 60fps and surround sound. The basic offer only allows 1080P and stereo sound. For June, Google, therefore, offers 4 fairly varied games.

The first game offered is The Legend of Heroes.

Trails of Cold Steel III. We continue the adventures of Rean Schwarzer, who became an instructor at the Thors Branch Campus. He will have to train a new generation of heroes and face a terrible plot.

The second game offered is MotoGP 20.

We no longer present the famous motorcycle racing game where players can ride against the official champions. A career mode is available and will allow the pilot to evolve through all the championships. It is also possible to control a team in Manager mode or complete historical challenges.

It is then Blue Fire that we find on Stadia.

The story takes place in the kingdom of Penumbra and allows you to explore different areas that we discover during the quests. Of course, enemies will get in your way, which will not be a pleasure.

Finally, the fourth game is Chronos.

Before the Ashes. In this game, the player takes the role of a young hero, who tries to save his house from an ancient curse. In addition to the formidable creatures to face, it will be necessary to solve difficult puzzles and puzzles to carry out his adventure.

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