Stadia Pro: games offered by Google in December 2021

Stadia Pro subscribers can enjoy one big perk every month – free games. With December 2021 approaching, Google has come to announce the new titles offered on its cloud gaming platform. Note that you will have the opportunity to play a Transformers game, smash cars in Wreckfest, fight with warbirds in Falconeer, or even enjoy a narrative game called Foreclosed

Stadia pro December

The list of games offered on Stadia Pro in November 2021

Google’s cloud gaming service continues to enrich its subscribers with new video games. After adding the GTA-Like Saints Row IV, the racing game DiRT 5, or the vineyard simulation Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator in November 2021, the American firm is back with several benefits for Stadia Pro members. Here is the list of games which offered in december:

  • TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS: the famous cinematographic license offers a strategy and action game where you will have to face the Decepticons;
  • Wreckfest: the perfect mix between racing and demolition game;
  • Destroy All Humans: play as Cryptosporidium, an alien soldier straight out of the Furon Empire and wishing to decimate human space;
  • Falconeer Warrior Edition: an aerial combat game where you play as a war falcon. This edition benefits from the DLC “The Hunter” (equipment) and “Edge of the World” (+ 3 quests and a new boss);
  • Foreclosed: a narrative adventure game set in a cyberpunk universe;

As you will have understood, there is something for all players during December 2021 with the Stadia Pro subscription. As a reminder, the latter is available without commitment at the price of 9.99 euros per month. It is also possible for a free first month!

During November 2021 What games offered

Google is offering four new games for free to subscribers to its Stadia Pro cloud gaming subscription. It will thus be possible to enjoy Saints Row IV, a GTA-like in a crazy world; the car racing simulation game DiRT 5, the wine strategy game Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator, and the retro platform game Kemono Heroes.

Stadia pro November
  • Saints Row IV: An open-world action-adventure game where you play as the President of the United States battling an alien invasion. For that, you will be entitled to super-powers and rather extravagant weapons;
  • DiRT 5: Take a seat aboard the famous off-road rally-focused racing game released in 2020. The races offered are very varied thanks to several locations around the world and different types of racing, but also a day/night system, dynamic weather, and seasons;
  • Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator: The objective of this simulation game is simple: to create your wine and develop your agricultural estate. However, you will have to learn from your mistakes to cultivate your vines like a chef and make the best vintages;
  • Kemono Heroes: a platform and action game where you play as four ninjas who want to go to Mount Fuji to undo a curse that has turned the inhabitants of the region to stone.

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