Chrome Adds New “Material You” UI on Android

Material You UI
Credit- Google

Along with announcing its futuristic 3D hologram video calling solution known as Project Starline and new features related to Wear OS, Google also unveiled a new UI design language during Google I / O 2021.

Called ”  Material You  “, it’s a colorful, customizable new design language that will replace the Material Design user interface on Google devices. And, it looks like Google is starting to implement this new design. The company recently added a new Chrome flag to the Android app to enable subtle Material You design elements.

Spotted by Android Police, the new flag in Chrome 90 for Android adds the “Material You” design element to the browser menu. It removes the sharp edges from the existing menu and adds rounded corners to the menu box. This gives it an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the eyes.

Below is a comparative image of the old menu and the new one under the “Material You” design in Chrome for Android.

Now, to activate the new “Material You” UI in the app, go to the URL chrome://flags/#theme-refactor-androidand select ” Enabled ” from the drop-down menu. Then you need to click on the “Restart” button at the bottom.

Not compatible with all devices

Once Chrome restarts on your device, restart it a second time. However, this time close the app from the “Recent” apps screen and reopen it from the app drawer. After that, you will be able to see the new menu with rounded corners in Chrome.

It should also be mentioned that this new flag in Chrome is not compatible with all Android devices on the market. Hence, it might not work on your device, especially if you are using an old Android smartphone.

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