Google Meet allows background modification on Android

Google meet

Chats and video conferencing have been around for a long time, but Zoom is to be given credit for making it a fad during the pandemic. It also raised awareness that not everyone had space, let alone a wall, suitable for this type of online interaction, and soon almost all video chat services began to crumble. allow users to change their background.

Google Meet has had this feature for some time as well, but its Android app is only now benefiting from it, even as it expands the web version’s ability to go beyond static images.

It might seem like just a fancy feature, but being able to change the background has some big implications. As more and more people find themselves in telecommuting situations, some of them find themselves scrambling to set up a more suitable space for these calls. Changing the background not only takes the stress out of this pressure but also offers a bit of privacy knowing that others won’t be able to see what’s behind you.

While the function of changing a background has been around for a long time in Google Meet on the web, it‘s only coming to Android now.

Google meet android

You can choose from the selection of backgrounds offered by Google or upload your own, preferably something acceptable to all meeting participants. This feature is not yet available on iOS and appears to be limited to G Suite and Google Workspace customers.

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