Google Fit on Android deploys a “Brisk walking”

Google fit Brisk walking

Google’s fitness-focused Android app, Google Fit, has a new “Brisk walking” activity mode. Elements related to the launch of this feature would have been discovered at the beginning of the week. However, Google has started rolling out activity mode to a small number of users.

Brisk walking, for those who don’t know it, is essentially a dedicated activity mode that allows users to do brisk walking or brisk walking with ease. Brisk walking, also known as brisk walking, is a form of walking exercise that involves walking at a faster speed.

The rhythmic walk feature of the Google Fit app lets you do this while playing a metronome-like beat in the background to keep your pace.

If this feature is available on your device, you can find it as a new card in the Home tab of the Google Fit app. By tapping on the card titled “Try Brisk Walking” you will get a short overview of the feature, which will allow you to set a pace for your walks and select a beat speed to go along with it.

Now when you start a brisk walking session, the feature will start playing the selected rhythm at the preset speed to help you walk at a steady pace. Plus, the app will continue to play the metronome beat in the background, even if you start listening to a podcast or your favorite practice song.

Google fit Brisk walking

Gradual deployment

You can view the screenshots showing the brisk walking activity mode and the pace just below.

Even though I have access to this new feature as you can see in the screenshots above, the rollout has been pretty spotty so far. Still, you can try your luck by downloading or updating the Google Fit app (v2.57.16) from the Play Store on your Android device.

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