Google Chrome 91 allows you to paste files as an attachment

Google revealed some new developments that will accompany the Chrome 91. Last week, the company released the beta of the new version with a feature capable of pasting files as an attachment in emails, only with keyboard shortcuts. The other news is due to changes in form controls on Android and more. The trial version of the … Read more

Chrome 91 consumes less battery and improves button design

The new Chrome 91 beta is available now, and it brings some welcome changes. It notably brings changes to the design of buttons and forms but also improves the autonomy of your smartphone. Google rolled out Chrome 90 earlier this month, and the US giant is now tackling Chrome 91, whose beta is already available on mobile. … Read more

6 programming language ​​that every developer should know

We see it day by day, the super-specialized developer in a single programming language is no longer so relevant to companies. Now they are looking for white blackbirds: those developers capable of handling various languages. That is why we have prepared this list for you with the programming language ​​that every developer should know. Not all of them … Read more