Scientists Can Recycle Electric Car Batteries Using Bacteria

Scientists at Coventry University in England have discovered that it is possible to use bacteria in the process of recycling electric vehicle batteries. They used a system known as bioleaching to extract the valuable metals from the lithium-ion energy cells that power automobiles. This natural process for extracting metals has been used by the mining … Read more

Mars: the stunning colorful clouds

Mars: the stunning colorful clouds documented by the Curiosity rover NASA managed to document clouds just after sunset on Mars;┬áthe scientific explanation of why they look different colors The rover Curiosity of NASA has documented clouds just after sunset on Mars, which in color photos captured by the Mast Camera (or ” Mastcam “), are … Read more

A Brain Implant Allows You To Write With Your Thoughts.

Brain allows you to write your thoughts It is not science fiction. They have already tested a brain implant on a volunteer that converts their thoughts into a text written on a computer. The system allows people with motor disabilities, such as paralysis, to communicate with their thoughts. The volunteer, who will go down in … Read more