The OnePlus Watch now has an always-on display.

The OnePlus Watch is always displayed at the cost of half its battery lifetime. Image credit: OnePlus OnePlus has released the latest update for the OnePlus Watch, which includes the device’s long-awaited always-on display mode, which was missing when it first launched in April. However, being able to see the time at all times on … Read more

Facebook takes on Nextdoor with Neighborhoods tool

The social network is testing the Neighborhoods feature in Canada and four US cities first. Image credit: Facebook Facebook is testing a new tool aimed at helping people get to know their neighbors and local communities, taking on social media app Nextdoor. The world’s largest social media website announced Wednesday that Neighborhoods, a feature of … Read more

Microsoft Teams will soon automatically record all meetings.

Microsoft Teams Image source: Microsoft Lack of essential details at a meeting with Microsoft teams soon could be part of the past with a new platform addition. For the first time, the videoconferencing service would automatically record all Microsoft Teams meetings at the start of a call, a function that had previously been lacking. This … Read more

Apple Music Hi-Fi: immersive Dolby sound

Apple Music Hi-Fi- At the end of February, Spotify announced that HiFi sound (high fidelity) would soon be available as part of a new payment plan, superior to the existing one, in the style of Tidal or Amazon Music HD. Already then we speculated with the possibility that Apple would make a similar move by incorporating such an option into Apple Music. … Read more

Windows 10 taught to work with headphones Apple AirPods

The Windows 10 operating system will receive full support for working with the Apple AirPods headset. Information about this appeared in the official blog of OS developers. Now computers running Windows 10 can connect wireless headphones using only two codecs – the outdated SBC and the Android AptX, which is widespread in the world. Apple’s popular headphones, … Read more

Google wants to add Ultra Wideband to its Pixel 6 family

The Pixel 6 could carry the Ultra-Wideband (UWB). This technology, present on the latest iPhones and the S21 + and S21 Ultra, makes it possible to locate a smartphone or a connected object with great precision. The AirTag, Apple’s Bluetooth beacon, is also based largely on the UWB.  image credits: Google According to the documents … Read more

Samsung launches the Galaxy Book Odyssey

The Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 may be the main highlights of Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event, but the company also had a surprise in its boxes for gamers. The Galaxy Book Odyssey launched alongside the two flagship devices in Samsung’s 2021 IT lineup. Unlike the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro … Read more

Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 is an affordable Surface Pen

Microsoft has just introduced its new Classroom Pen 2 for students using select Windows laptops. The stylus will be sold directly and exclusively to schools and will cost only half the price of the first Classroom Pen, or just $ 19.99. The company launched its first Classroom Pen in 2019. The stylus sold for $ 39.99 each. It … Read more

Do you know how to save a drowned smartphone?

Modern smartphones have a high level of protection against moisture, but there are situations when this does not help.  What to do if you drowned an expensive Smartphone? Long-term use makes the device more vulnerable: scratches, chips, and cracks appear on its body and screen. Such damage often goes unnoticed, but it can cause moisture … Read more

Google Meet features will have a new interface in meetings

Google announced a package of new features to your meeting service video, Google Meet. The most striking is the possibility for the user to choose an animated background for a video. Another addition appears in a data-saving mode when the conversation takes place with any of the participants on a smartphone or tablet connected to the … Read more

Facebook announces Clubhouse clone

Facebook announced on Monday (19), new audio tools to butt heads with Clubhouse (and all other audio platform clones). In addition to launching its version of the social network, Facebook now supports podcasts and introduced a feature called Soundbites, to share sounds in short form. The platform also closed a partnership with Spotify to listen to music within the … Read more

MediaTek to release world’s first four-nanometer chip

The Taiwanese company MediaTek, known for its single-chip platforms for smartphones, is preparing to move to new process technology. This informs Gizmochina. Allegedly, the chipmaker MediaTek is already negotiating with TSMC to conclude a contract for the production of 4-nm and, in the future, 3-nm platforms. Thanks to this, Chinese manufacturers Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi … Read more