How does AI help in Affiliate Marketing

In recent years, expenditure on marketing automation has been steadily increasing. The AI sector can reach the 25-million-dollar figure by 2023. AI also reflects approximately 55% of marketers’ spending plans. It is also an indication of the smaller AI market picture; by 2025, all of this will hit the $190 billion level. To date, organizations … Read more

Facebook works on the method to identify deepfakes

Deepfakes are montages of people’s faces in videos or other photos so realistically that it’s almost impossible to tell whether or not they’re true. Although this is not yet a big problem on social networks — it’s more common in WhatsApp groups and websites, for example — Facebook wants to protect itself against any threats. The platform works together … Read more

Artificial intelligence senses social media sarcasm and irony

An interdisciplinary group of researchers from the University of Central Florida has managed to develop a deep learning system that is capable of identifying sarcasm and irony on social media. The new model optimizes communication, by shedding light on the real motivations underlying each message. Social media has changed our lives in recent years. According … Read more