Android 12 gets a new preview with camera improvements

Google released the Android 12 Developer Preview 3 on Wednesday (21). This preliminary facing developer brings some minor changes that users will notice, like a splash screen when starting apps, improved notifications for calls, haptic feedback improved in games, and additional features for camera apps. Android 12 is one of the interfaces that feature iOS – the opening screen (splash screen or launch … Read more

Android 12! How do I install Developer Preview?

Welcome Android 12! As you may have read earlier in the morning, there is a new preview of Android for developers! The latest versions of Android have focused more on refinement than on the complete redesign of the OS, and this trend apparently continues with Android 12 Developer Preview. Google says its main goal is to … Read more

Simplified version of Android called MicroDroid

image credit: Google Google is working to improve security and virtualization on Android hardware. To this end, a new version of Android is being prepared at Google under the name MicroDroid. This new operating system is a lighter version of Android, designed specifically for virtual machines. Google’s goal is for MicroDroid to operate the systems in a … Read more