Instagram new feature to filter abusive messages

Instagram new feature to protect its community from abuse Instagram has tightened its policy on harassment in private messages. The innovations are reported by Engadget. The social network will give users the ability to block not only an individual user but also any new accounts that an intrusive interlocutor may create. Instagram notes that its rules prohibit users from … Read more

MediaTek to release world’s first four-nanometer chip

The Taiwanese company MediaTek, known for its single-chip platforms for smartphones, is preparing to move to new process technology. This informs Gizmochina. Allegedly, the chipmaker MediaTek is already negotiating with TSMC to conclude a contract for the production of 4-nm and, in the future, 3-nm platforms. Thanks to this, Chinese manufacturers Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi … Read more

Personal data of 500 million users of Facebook are leaked

Personal data of more than 553 million Facebook users have been leaked. Among the compromised information are full names, dates of birth, locations and biography details. In some cases, email addresses. Personal data leakage affects users in more than 106 countries, including: 13 million from Mexico 10 million from Spain 2 million from Argentina 32 million the United States 11 … Read more

How to Transfer iCloud Photos to Google Photos

Apple has announced another service for iPhones that allow clients to move all their photographs and recordings from Apple’s own iCloud to Google Cloud. This is very helpful for individuals who will be moving from an Apple gadget to another Android gadget, where they can now effectively take every one of their photos and recordings … Read more

Elon Musk details $100 million carbon capture

After Elon Musk announced he would donate $100 million to a carbon capture contest, the details of this were finally out. The XPrize Foundation, an entity that will organize the competition, announced on Monday that what are the criteria for analyzing the proposals and how will the prize will be distributed. Participants should “create and demonstrate a … Read more

iPhone 13 can bring Touch ID digital reader

iPhone 13 can bring Touch ID digital reader under the screen Rumors that Apple has been working on a Touch ID digital reader under the screen have been circulating for some time. By 2021, they should finally come true with the iPhone 13, which will offer functionality along with Face ID. However, the planned solution for the … Read more

Apple has a new head of hardware engineering

Apple has a new head of hardware engineering Dan Riccio. and teases a “new and wonderful” product Apple’s hardware team is undergoing its biggest reorganization in nearly a decade. Indeed, changes are underway at Apple, as several of its engineering executives change positions before working on a “new and wonderful” project. Apple has a new head of hardware … Read more

Elon Musk pledges prize for carbon capture technology

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has pledged to pay a $100 million prize for developing the “best” carbon capture technology. The fact is that very little progress has been made in this technology today, and efforts Focused to reduce emissions, not removing carbon from the air. Capturing the emissions that cause the warming of the planet … Read more