Instagram releases links in stories for more users.

Instagram is testing a new solution for the inclusion of links in stories. Instead of the traditional drag up. The app can allow users to redirect their followers to external pages using a sticker. The novelty would be valid for any profile on the social network, but the tests still cover a small number of people. … Read more

Clubhouse android announces the global launch.

Clubhouse for Android is already among us, although it was launched that way because it is only available in the US and under the condition of having an invitation from someone who is already in their chats. But hey, it’s more than what we had a month ago when everyone was speculating if it would end up … Read more

YouTube- How to contact them?

Like any large company, YouTube has a series of Customer Service channels, which can be used by any user who has doubts, as well as to solve any problem or incident on the platform. There are many reasons why it may be necessary to contact Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or other social networks. In the case of … Read more

Discord changes its logo and introduces audio rooms

Discord,  the social app for video games and themed rooms, celebrates its sixth anniversary this week and has taken the opportunity to present new features and give more details about the next incorporation of audio chat channels similar to Clubhouse starting next month. This new feature will be called  Stage Channels, and thanks to the Stage Discovery function, it … Read more

What about a Clubhouse Android version?

The Clubhouse audio social network software, which is currently a phenomenon, remains incredibly proprietary, not only because it is dependent on invites, but also because it is exclusive to iOS, which has a far smaller user base than Android. According to the developers, the latest barrier is about to be broken. The exact date is … Read more

Chrome 91 consumes less battery and improves button design

The new Chrome 91 beta is available now, and it brings some welcome changes. It notably brings changes to the design of buttons and forms but also improves the autonomy of your smartphone. Google rolled out Chrome 90 earlier this month, and the US giant is now tackling Chrome 91, whose beta is already available on mobile. … Read more

WhatsApp is working on a pop-up photo feature for iOS and Android

After receiving a ton of criticism for its controversial privacy policy update, WhatsApp now aims to add a new security feature to its users. We’ve seen the Facebook-owned company introduce ephemeral messages with a recent update. And now WhatsApp is looking to add the same functionality to photos very soon. According to a recent report … Read more

OneDrive for Android now supports 8K videos

Microsoft has just released a major update for OneDrive on Android, this time with several notable improvements that Samsung users will love. First, there’s a new home screen, and it looks like the one already available on iOS, supporting OneDrive accounts at work, at school, and home. It requires at least Android 6.0. “If you have a personal … Read more

Signal just gave WhatsApp users more reasons to change

Following the major political debacle of WhatsApp (which they even tried to justify and which they then delayed), several alternatives to the messaging app such as Signal and Telegram have ramped up. As a result, developers frequently update their apps and add new features to meet user requests. For example, Signal, one of WhatsApp’s competitors, received a new update … Read more