WWDC 2021: Apple should focus on privacy

Apple has been a hot topic in recent weeks for two reasons. First of all, its firm stance on privacy, which raised Facebook’s feathers and was briefly called into question by the launch of AirTags. The other hot topic is Epic Games’ epic lawsuit against the company over monopoly allegations, notably on the Apple App Store. … Read more

iOS 15 could come with a redesign of notifications

The upcoming iPhone 13 slated for fall will arrive alongside a new operating system that will also be available for older smartphones, and according to an informant, there’s a chance Apple is planning enough updates. important in the future. Called iOS 15, the next operating system update is likely to come with some dark mode UI changes, according … Read more

Apple is investing $410 million in AR technology.

According to the company’s CEO, it “sets the stage for a new wave of breakthrough technologies.“ Apple has reported that its Advanced Manufacturing Fund will grant $410 million to II-IV, a Pennsylvania-based optical technology firm. FaceID, Memoji, and Portrait Mode are all powered by Apple’s technology, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Apple touts the … Read more

Apple Music Hi-Fi: immersive Dolby sound

Apple Music Hi-Fi- At the end of February, Spotify announced that HiFi sound (high fidelity) would soon be available as part of a new payment plan, superior to the existing one, in the style of Tidal or Amazon Music HD. Already then we speculated with the possibility that Apple would make a similar move by incorporating such an option into Apple Music. … Read more

iOS 14.5 iPhone now supports PS5 and Xbox Series

With the iOS 14.5 update, iPhones are now compatible with controllers for the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5, respectively. Apple’s smartphone was already compatible with previous console controllers. This novelty gives the iPhone more perspective on video games. We tell you why. You know it: … Read more

Apple explains why AirTag is not suitable for spying on people

Apple does not recommend using the smart AirTag to track people. Clarifications to the scenarios for using the gadget were released by the company itself. Kayan Drance, Apple’s VP of Worldwide Marketing, said the tag was created with the strictest privacy practices. The gadget is protected at the hardware level from intentional surveillance. Also read: New iMac … Read more

The iPhone 12 now comes in a purple colour

Although the announcements were elsewhere, Apple revealed a new iPhone at its spring 2021 event. This new iPhone is not the long-awaited iPhone 13, but simply a new colourway of Apple’s current flagship. The iPhone 12 will now be available in purple. And that’s about it. This new purple iPhone 12 is supposed to evoke “elements of … Read more

New iMac 2021 gets Apple’s M1 processor

Apple has introduced iMac 2021, a new generation of iMac computers that now run on a processor’s M1 development. Cupertino emphasizes that the candy bar has slimmer and energy-efficient. The computer display has increased to 24 inches, the Retina screen resolution is 4.5K. The new iMac features a built-in FullHD camera for video calling. Special algorithms … Read more

How to Transfer iCloud Photos to Google Photos

Apple has announced another service for iPhones that allow clients to move all their photographs and recordings from Apple’s own iCloud to Google Cloud. This is very helpful for individuals who will be moving from an Apple gadget to another Android gadget, where they can now effectively take every one of their photos and recordings … Read more

Apple plans unibody and periscope camera lenses in 2022-23

That’s according to trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who, in a note to investors published by AppleInsider, predicted changes to Apple’s camera settings on smartphone models for 2022 and 2023. Also read about- Apple VR glasses As outlined in Kuo’s prediction, next year’s iPhone will adopt a unibody design that integrates the camera’s moving coil motor … Read more

Apple Silicon chip delayed until October 2021

The iMac with an Apple Silicon chip would have been delayed until October 2021 Apple fans who are longing for a new addition to the iMac lineup may be disappointed by a rumour that suggests that the new apple-like computers, the iMac, with an Apple Silicon chip, won’t arrive until October 2021. Earlier rumours had claimed … Read more