WhatsApp still threatens its users with its new terms of service

WhatsApp is once again displaying an alert to urge users to accept its new terms of use before May 15, 2021. The firm owned by Facebook has preferred not to give in to pressure from users that it continues to threaten by explaining to them that ‘ they will lose access to the application in the event of a refusal.

WhatsApp new terms
Source; WABetaInfo

For several months Facebook has been embroiled in a mini-scandal around the new WhatsApp terms of use. The new text allows for greater interlocking between the Facebook and WhatsApp databases. A prospect feared by some users since the takeover of WhatsApp. The social network of Mark Zuckerberg has meanwhile extensively explained his approach.

The change in terms of use should in particular allow Facebook to offer a better infrastructure that will allow companies to address WhatsApp users more directly. These¬†conditions do not change the extent of the data that WhatsApp and Facebook share with their users. The new data sharing with Facebook is thus above all to be understood as a new device which simply implies that your conversations with companies or brands on WhatsApp are likely to go through Facebook’s servers.


In any case, this does not change the slightest thing on the security of your conversations which are end-to-end encrypted by default. Because of this encryption, neither Facebook nor even WhatsApp can access your conversations, even after the changes. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly a question of method or words, but some of the users are reticent and do not wish to accept the new conditions.

What pushes some users on competing applications like Signal or Telegram. Even Mark Zuckerberg ended up getting caught up in using Signal rather than the WhatsApp app. However, this does not prevent WhatsApp from starting to display an alert again if you have not already accepted the new terms of use.

The alert consists of a notification and two screens that appear when opening WhatsApp (included in the front page of this article). WhatsApp takes the opportunity to recall what we explained above. However, the message ends with the same threat as in the last alerts: after May 15, 2021, you will lose access to WhatsApp if you do not accept the new terms of use.

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