What about a Clubhouse Android version?

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The Clubhouse audio social network software, which is currently a phenomenon, remains incredibly proprietary, not only because it is dependent on invites, but also because it is exclusive to iOS, which has a far smaller user base than Android. According to the developers, the latest barrier is about to be broken.

The exact date is unknown, but the developers report on the official blog that a Clubhouse for Android version will be developed and released soon.

“We wanted to build the Clubhouse for each of us from the first days. In this light, we look forward to working soon on our Android app, “says the post, dated January 24.

The social network prepares additional resources for the current iOS application. The same announcement guarantees that the organization is working to enhance the service’s usability and location so that it is also accessible to those who speak other languages.

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As an exclusive sound platform, it is not accessible for people with hearing problems without the possibility of including text or pictures. Other social networks, like Facebook and Instagram, are betting on visual content, trying to not exclude the public by offering multiple forms of interaction with the content, such as audio description, and using artificial insight in image interpretation, so that even people who are unable to see can understand what happens in a post.

Other developer’s priorities include the search for additional infrastructure to keep servers up to demand, improve support and moderation, making the platform more agile.

The developers also invest in conversational finding mechanisms that enable users to join them and work on how to monetize their work by creating content on the platform. The tipping, ticketing, and subscription mechanisms are among the resources provided.

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Global launched announced for Clubhouse Android

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