Twitter is experimenting with a “Tip Jar” feature.

Twitter is currently testing a feature that could make the platform a bit more appealing to creators: “Tip Jar”. The new functionality is entered in the testing phase, according to Twitter, which was presented in preview on its platform.

Creators will earn money in the form of “tips” from their fans and followers using this method, as the rumor indicated.

Tip jar

Accepting tips on Twitter is nothing new, but it’s a cumbersome process: you have to tweet PayPal links, put a Venmo link in your profile, etc. Twitter’s “Tip Jar” feature solves this issue by allowing users to tip creators directly.

The “Tip Jar” function is now available for Twitter users whose accounts are configured in English. According to Twitter, the feature is available on iOS and Android, but it is restricted to certain users such as nonprofits, journalists, creators, and experts. It will be made available to other users, including in other languages shortly, according to the company.

Tip Jar can be activated by users who have access to the test by clicking on the “Edit Profile” button in the platform’s mobile app, then scrolling down and clicking on the new “Tip Jar” item in the menu. Users can then connect this feature to a variety of other platforms with financial functions, such as PayPal, Patreon, Cash App, Bandcamp, and Venmo.

Tip jar

Of course, you must already have one or more of these accounts set up to link them to your Twitter profile. Users can then go to the creator’s profile and click the “Tip Jar” button to bring up tip options, select the platform they prefer, and then go to that app to send the money.

A logical functionality

Twitter clarifies that it relies on these services’ external payment processes for transactions; the social platform does not take a commission. All English-speaking Twitter users can tip as of today, but only a select group can enable the feature to accept money at this time.

For years, users have used Twitter to solicit tips or Patreon memberships. So it makes sense that Twitter is looking to streamline this feature as part of its app.

Images credit: Twitter

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