Twitter acquires newsletter platform

Twitter acquires newsletter platform

Twitter acquires newsletter platform

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As Twitter has expanded its activities to other areas, Twitter has announced the acquisition of Revue, a startup that offers an e-mail service focused on newsletters. This change allows Twitter to capitalize on its user base of writers, journalists, and publications who regularly use the service to reach their readers and increase their audience.

“With a strong community of writers and readers, Twitter is particularly well-positioned to help organizations and writers grow their readership faster and on a much larger scale than anywhere else,” says Kayvon Beykpour, Product Manager on Twitter. “Our goal is to make it easy for them to connect with their subscribers while helping readers learn more about writers and their content.”

Although Twitter does not discuss exactly how Revue will be integrated into the social network, the company admits that it has considered offering different models of newsletters, including paid newsletters.

One can imagine that the social network will offer people the opportunity to sign up for newsletters of their favorite followers on Twitter, up to new settings allowing editors to animate conversations with their followers. All of this will work seamlessly within Twitter. And for those looking to generate revenue, it could offer writers the opportunity to generate paid newsletters.

Having a paid newsletter would help writers and other content creators monetize their tweets for the first time, which should encourage even more exclusive content to be produced on the social network.

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Monetize tweets?

Twitter says it plans to continue operating Review as a standalone service. “We will continue to invest in Review as a stand-alone service, and his team will remain focused on improving the way authors create their newsletters, build their audiences, and are paid for their work,” says Beykpour. “Over time, this team will develop more discoveries, readings, and conversational experiences centered on Twitter’s long content.”

Twitter’s acquisition of Review also puts it in direct competition with Substack, a rival e-mail newsletter service that has recently gained popularity. Several prominent journalists have left traditional media companies to launch paid news bulletins on Substack.

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