OneDrive for Android now supports 8K videos

Microsoft has just released a major update for OneDrive on Android, this time with several notable improvements that Samsung users will love.

First, there’s a new home screen, and it looks like the one already available on iOS, supporting OneDrive accounts at work, at school, and home. It requires at least Android 6.0.

“If you have a personal OneDrive account, you’ll see three main sections in the updated home screen: recently viewed files, files downloaded for offline use, and photos from that day.

If you have an OneDrive account for work or school, you’ll see recent files, shared libraries, and offline files. This new experience replaces the previous home screen that displayed a root view of your files. You can still navigate to the root view by tapping the Files tab, which appears next to the Home tab,”¬†explains¬†Microsoft.

Simplified version of Android called MicroDroid

( Image source: Microsoft )

A more important improvement is the support for Samsung Motion Photos, which can now be downloaded and played directly on OneDrive. However, this feature is only compatible with it’s personal accounts, again with Android 6.0 or a newer version.

It should be noted that reading Samsung photos live is not possible on it for iOS, so iPhone users will only see one photo.

OneDrive 8K support

And finally, the update brings support for 8K videos. “This month, we’re launching Samsung’s 8K videos from the Galaxy S20 and S21. While most mobile device screens don’t yet support full-resolution 8K video playback, there are many reasons, besides saving local storage space, why you might want to store your 8K videos on it.

For example, you can create crisp still images from your videos, or download videos as 8K files from YouTube, or store them for later download in video editing software, or play them in full 8K clarity on a TV, monitor, or VR headset,” Microsoft explains.

It might be more tempting to store 8K videos on Microsoft’s cloud storage service, especially when OneDrive now supports files up to 250GB.

The new features are available today for OneDrive users who use an updated app.

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